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Check out our tips on how to transport a Christmas tree.


Christmas trees have become an almost obligatory ornament. But bringing a tree home can be a risky business if it is transported in a car without taking precautions. 



Tips for transporting your Christmas tree in the car


Knowing the above, we now recommend some tips so that you can carry the Christmas tree in the car perfectly and without problems during the tour.


Measure the tree before mounting it in the car: measure the length of the Christmas tree. If it protrudes from the car, you should take note of the measurements and use a special plate to indicate this.


Tie up the tree with a protective net: to prevent more branches from falling, it is better to cover the tree with a net that will prevent the branches from flying around. It will stay whole during the trip.


Location of the tree according to the type of car: if your car is a convertible, it is best to lower the co-driver’s seat, so as not to disturb the view of the drivers behind your car. Now, if you are going to move the Christmas tree on top of the vehicle, you must tie it with a thick rope. It is also recommended that you cover it with a blanket to avoid paint problems while climbing it. 


Drive slowly, at a slower than normal speed: maintaining a low speed when driving on roads and when you are driving around town with your Christmas tree in the car can reduce the chances of a casualty caused by any external event. 


Watch out for slamming on the brakes: if you slam on the brakes and your tree has not been held tightly, it can move forward, causing damage to the car and others.


We hope these tips will help you to make your Christmas tree journey as smooth as possible.


Learning how to transport a Christmas tree can be helpful.

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